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Enjoying Cabin Ownership!

Cabin owners at Portsmouth Camp play an important role in the life of the Camp ground.

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Philosophy of Cabin Ownership

Cabin Owner Information

Owning a cabin on the campgrounds enriches fellowship and develops family traditions closely connected with camp life. This section answers questions pertaining to cabin ownership and responsibilities. It also provides important information regarding use of the cabin.

Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities

Cabin ownership on the grounds of PCMA is not to be seen as a right, but, rather, must be properly understood as a privilege extended to those individuals whose desire is to become more involved in the operation, planning, and preparation of PCMA's primary reason for existence, the 10 day holiness encampment in August (and other programs as decided by PCMA). This constitutes the primary reason for having a cabin on PCMA grounds. No other reason supercedes this: such as seeing cabin ownership as an investment, a vacation opportunity, or any other reason that detracts from the primary purpose of PCMA.

The criteria of cabin ownership, and the responsibilities of cabin owners shall be expressed and spelled out by PCMA in various forms - PCMA constitution and by-laws, regulations, rules; or any other stipulations, whether explicit or implied, by the Portsmouth Camp Meeting Association, in its official publications or Association Board decisions.

Ground Rent and Other Fees

Ground rent and other fees shall be established by the Portsmouth Camp Meeting Association. The ground rent shall apply to the fiscal year beginning September 1 and ending August 31. The ground rent shall be due and payable by July 1 of the fiscal year. The Portsmouth Camp Meeting Association has set the ground rent at $500.00, for the fiscal year September 1 - August 31, to be paid on or by July 1.

Ground rents and fees paid to PCMA shall in no case be considered as donations for tax purposes.

Utilities and Maintenance

Ground rents and fees shall be used by PCMA for the payment of utilities and building maintenance of camp buildings and property. Cabin owners who are connected to camp water system shall be levied an additional fee, over and above the ground rent, to cover the cost of water. This provides for a just and equitable relationship between cabin owners themselves, and PCMA.

Taxes and Fees

The cabin owner is solely responsible for any taxes and fees incurred in the owning of a cabin on PCMA grounds. All taxes, per PCMA regulations, shall be paid and kept current.

Resale of Cabin

The resale of cabins must be reviewed and approved by PCMA. Stipulations for sale of cabins, and persons to whom cabins may be sold are determined solely by PCMA, whether in current proclamations, or imminent decisions by Portsmouth Camp Meeting Association.

Use of Camp Grounds

Cabin owners may have free access to camp grounds as stipulated in Association regulations.

Personal Property on Camp Grounds and in Camp Buildings.

Personal property of cabin owners shall be limited and restricted to cabin and its immediate surrounding area. No personal property will be stored in camp buildings, on camp property, or any storage area. No camp building will be used for the storage of personal property or belongings, or any other use by cabin owner unless explicitly approved by the Portsmouth Camp Meeting Association, or its designee the Executive Board.

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