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PYDA (Portsmouth Youth Development Association) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to send young people ages 12-18 to summer camp. PYDA also runs the youth program during the Portsmouth Camp Meeting yearly encampment.

Holiness Camp Meeting Directory

This is an on-line directory of camp meetings and camp meeting information. You will also find direct links to the camp's website if they have one. If you are looking for camp meeting information, this is the place to start!

Douglas Camp Meeting

We enjoy a special relationship with our sister camps in the Northeast and New England. Douglas Camp Meeting is a great place to worship and seek the holy life.

Smith Mills Holiness Camp

Smith Mills Holiness Camp is another of our sister camp meetings. You will find helpful information on this Face Book page.

One Mission Society

One Mission Society, formerly OMS Interntional, is a non-denominational, international faith mission based in Greenwood, Indiana. Portsmouth Camp Meeting has had a long history of supporting OMS and its missionaries in their mission work around the world.

World Gospel Mission

World Gospel Mission is an interdenominational, international faith-based mission based in Marion, Indiana. Portsmouth Camp Meeting has had a long history of supporting WGM and its missionaries in their mission work around the world. WGM sends missionaries "from anywhere to everywhere." Visit their website for more information on the ministries, the missionaries, and how to get involved.

His Servant Ministries

Rev. Gerry Whetstone is founder of a Christian coaching ministry through itinerant preaching/teaching, designed to collaborate with local churches in coaching disciples, assisting in edifying the saints, establishing believers in the Word, leadership development, strengthening the Body of Christ and consulting churches in making the transition into new era of ministry. Rev. Whetstone is well known to Portsmouth Camp and is a favored speaker at Encampments.

Chic Shaver Center for Evangelism

Dr. Charles "Chic" Shaver is an ordained Evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene. His ministry includes involvement in camp meetings, lay retreats, evangelism training, and "Witnessing Without Fear" Seminars. You will find much helpful information on his website.

Vision New England

Vision New England exists as a ministry to help "develop, connect and mobilize spiritually-healthy, disciple-making Christ followers, across New England, who are loving God and loving others".

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