Portsmouth Youth Development Association (PYDA)

Welcome to the Complimentary PYDA page sponsderod by Portsmouth Campmeeting

Rev. Dr. Phil LaFountain

PYDA - Building bridges of Hope for youth through camp experience.


PYDA was established in 2007 as an organization whose purpose was to promote the moral, physical, mental and emotional well-being of youth ages 12-18 through the camp experience. Attending camp, or many young people, is a transformative experience. PYDA began by providing funds for youth to attend summer camp. Over time the PYDA board wanted to do more and they took on the task of provided summer camp experiences for youth. This is our 10th year anniversary and PYDA is pleased to partner with Portsmouth Campmeeting to run the August encampment youth program on behalf of Portsmouth Campmeeting.

On this page you can find more information about PYDA and download application forms for next year.

We look forward to seeing you at Camp next year!

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